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3 Cards that Can Make or Break Your Success

Make or Break Success

Are you ready to take the first step toward your own summit of achievement?

If so, take out two blank three-by-five inch cards. Stop and think for a moment. What would be the greatest personal achievement you could possibly imagine for yourself? What would be the greatest professional achievement? Write down both of them on one of the cards. This is your Vision Card. Think big and get ready to live your dream.

Now, consider the goals you must achieve on your way to fulfilling the dreams on your Vision Card. Make sure they are as simple, concise, and concrete as possible. One word, one number, or a short phrase is perfect. Write them down on the second card. This is your Summit Card.

On your third card, write down the key elements of the campaign you will wage to achieve your goals. This is your Activities Card.  Below, you’ll find an example of what I wrote down on my Vision, Summit, and Activities card twenty years ago.

The next step is the most important of all. If you’re really serious about turning your dreams and goals into reality, do what every top athlete in the world does. Burn them into your mind. Look at your Vision and Summit cards several times every day until you nail them.

Susan Erhsler’s Vision Card:
I will:
– Lead my team to top performance.
– Achieve President’s Club.
– Be promoted to VP of sales.
– Stand on the summit of Everest.

Susan Ershler’s Summit Card:
I will:
– Blow away my $300 million goal.
– Achieve my stretch goal of $400 million.
– Complete a hundred hikes (29,035 feet—the height of Everest) within twelve months.

Susan Ershler’s Activities Card:
I will:
– Increase my client face time.
– Decrease my administrative task load.
– Build stronger relationships with my client executives.
– Focus upon and create detailed account plans for the top ten clients in our territory.
– Educate our clients about our value proposition.
– Focus on our fastest-growing vertical markets.
– Stay current on our product and services.