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Happy Anniversary Memories!

Our happy Anniversary today with great memories of the first year we met. We started dating in January 1992. Phil was guiding in Ecuador and when he arrived home he received a voicemail from me at my office. First date, Chandlers for dinner in Seattle, the night progressed positively enough to consider another date. In February, he guided in South America and I received a Valentine card from him, loved it. In March, we had our second date at Sun Valley to join our past friend, Frank Wells birthday, and snow skied. In April, we started water skiing together on Lake Washington. In May, he could not join my dinner with several girlfriends because he was guiding on Denali. August, we did our first climb together, summit of Mt. Rainier, my first climb ever. September, we climbed to the summit of Kilimanjaro in Africa together. In December, Phil was unable to join my dear friends at the holiday party where we met because he was stuck on the ice while guiding in Antarctica. End of December, we went to Snowbird ski resort, owned by our past dear friend Dick Bass, and snow skied. One of the best years of my life!

Climbing to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier

Yesterday we climbed to Camp Muir on Mt. Rainier. This fall the weather is changing with lots of snow soon. Missed seeing Marmots, they now hibernate during the winter and hopefully they ate a bunch of food this summer. Very quiet, only saw one hiker at Camp Muir this season. Great memory, Phil and I use to sleep inside the cook shack, 10K’ at Camp Muir and one time on that roof before our climbs together to the summit!