Conquering the Seven Summits of Sales®

Is your sales organization achieving its true potential? What strategies and techniques would transform your sales team into a dynamic force for revenue growth and customer satisfaction?

For two decades, Susan Ershler rose through the ranks of sales leadership while simultaneously climbing the highest mountain on each of the seven continents. Now, her mission is to help others secure the financial rewards and personal fulfillment that come with being a top performer.

In this presentation, Susan shares the Seven Summit principals that every sales professional must master to consistently achieve top performance year after year. She describes the Project • Prepare • Persevere® methodology that enabled her to lead her sales team to achieve a seemingly impossible $300M revenue goal. She also provides practical techniques for overcoming real-world sales challenges and blowing away the numbers. Attendees will walk away inspired to excel and ready to meet Everest-sized revenue objectives.

Perfect fit: Sales Conferences, Kickoffs and Leadership meetings. Inspire audience members to reach higher objectives and believe they can achieve far beyond their perceived limitations.