History-Making Mountain Climber and Business Executive

susan ershlers stats

Susan is an expert practitioner in the art of achievement.

She dedicates herself to applying the life strategies she honed in corporate America to benefit others seeking to realize their dreams.

Susan’s Stats

  • 4th American Woman to Climb the Seven Summits
  • 12th American Woman to Climb Mt. Everest
  • The only American female speaker who combines 23 years Fortune 500 corporate leadership experience with her experiences of reaching the summit of Mt. Everest and all Seven Summits.
  • World Record:  Susan and her husband Phil are the first couple in history to climb the Seven Summits together
  • Everest Summiteer
  • Former VP of Sales for Fortune 500 Companies
  • Earned 11 Annual Presidents Club Awards & Regional Sales Manager of the Year Award
  • Author of Together on Top of the World and Conquering the Seven Summits of Sales
meet Susan

Susan has won worldwide renown for climbing the Seven Summits—the highest mountain on every continent—while leading sales organizations at some of the nation’s largest corporations. For more than a decade, she has been inspiring professionals and executives at Fortune 500 companies to reach peak performance by striving for their personal and professional best. In her popular keynotes, Susan shares her Project ∙ Prepare ∙ Persevere® methodology, which can transform any business organization into a dynamic force for revenue growth. Having risen through the ranks to corporate leadership, Susan keenly appreciates the challenges business professionals experience at every stage in their careers. She “walks the talk,” explaining the Seven Summits principles that everyone must master to reach Peak Performance and illustrating how to apply these techniques to overcome real-world work/life challenges. Whether focusing on leadership, achievement, sales performance or meeting personal goals, Susan inspires her audiences to take the next step in achieving their own vision of success.

Throughout her career, she has excelled at building and leading teams that achieve exceptional, sometimes life-changing goals. Today, she dedicates herself to applying the life strategies she honed in corporate America to benefit others seeking to realize their dreams.

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Susan Ershler's books

In her first acclaimed book, Together on Top of the World; The Remarkable Story of the First Couple to Climb the Fabled Seven Summits, Susan shared her remarkable Everest adventure and the life lessons she learned on the mountain. Now, in her latest book, Conquering the Seven Summits of Sales: From Everest to Every Business, Achieving Peak Performance (published by HarperCollins), Susan examines the habits of success anyone can master to achieve peak performance in selling, business and leadership, using the same techniques and determination that empowered her to climb the world’s highest mountains.

Susan’s Business Philosophy

Throughout her life and career, Susan has attained heights that most of us would find unimaginable. Yet she’s no different than you or I. What sets Susan apart is a set of guiding principles that can be adopted by anyone who dreams of achieving a seemingly impossible goal.

Project • Prepare • Persevere® These are the tenets of a philosophy that has enabled Susan to reach the heights of corporate America while simultaneously scaling the world’s highest mountain peaks. It is a philosophy charged with practical techniques and strategies that senior executives, business owners and sole contributors can apply to achieve the most ambitious personal and professional goals.

By attending her Reaching New Heights: Everest & BeyondTM keynote presentations, you will discover how to push past your perceived boundaries and realize the true extent of your capabilities.

What is the essence of Susan’s Project • Prepare • Persevere® philosophy and how can it help you achieve — and surpass — your professional and personal objectives?

  • Project: Every success begins with an ambitious and clearly articulated vision.
  • Prepare: Whether climbing a mountain or meeting a quota, you must create a detailed roadmap that delineates every step of your journey, along with benchmarks to measure your progress along the way.
  • Persevere: All great achievements are realized by committing to a goal and then working ceaselessly to attain it.

Whether your goal is to climb Everest or attain your loftiest career ambitions, Susan’s message to Project • Prepare • Persevere® remains as relevant and powerful as ever.