The Ershler's Seven Summits

Susan Ershler started climbing mountains at age 36. Throughout the next decade, she climbed the Seven Summits, (highest mountain on each continent), culminating at the top of the world, Mt. Everest in 2002. Additionally, she participated on several other expeditions all while advancing in her corporate career.

Mt. Kilimanjaro summit

1992 Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340') Tanzania, Africa (Machame Route)

Mt. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain of Africa, the world's second-largest continent. Located in Tanzania near the equator.

Mt. Elbrus summit

1993 Mt. Elbrus (18,480') Russia

Mt. Elbrus is the highest mountain of Europe. Elbrus is located in Russia, near the border with Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains between the Black and Caspian Seas.

Mt. McKinley summit

1995 Mt. McKinley (20,320') Alaska (West Buttress Route)

Mt. McKinley is the highest peak of the North American continent, located just south of the Arctic Circle in the Alaska Range. McKinley is one of the coldest mountains in the world and known for unpredictable weather.

Cerro Aconcagua summit

1996 Cerro Aconcagua (22,841') Argentina (False Polish Route)

Cerro Aconcagua is the highest mountain of South America, the world's fourth-largest continent. Located in the Andes Range in Argentina, Aconcauga is the highest mountain in the Western Hemisphere.

Vinson Massif summit

1998 Vinson Massif (16,067') Antarctica

Vinson Massif is the highest mountain of Antarctica, the world's coldest and fifth largest continent. Vinson is located in the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains.

Mt. Kosciuszko summit

1999 Mt. Kosciuszko (7,308') Australia

Mt. Kosciuszko is the highest mountain of Australia located in the Snowy Mountains.

Mt. Everest summit

2002 Mt. Everest (29,035') Nepal

Mt. Everest is the highest point on Earth located in Asia, the largest of the seven continents. Everest is located in the Himalaya Range on the border between Nepal and China (Tibet).